Executive Coaching

Leadership Review

Designed for situations where an individual wants an in-depth look at their leadership approach and wishes to work on their own to effect change.  The package includes the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA) 360 and one other personality based assessment.  Individuals receive a full debrief on both instruments and 1 action planning session.


Leadership Coaching - Level I
Designed for situations where there is a need to support an individual over the short term. This program targets specific individual needs related to awareness building, skills enhancement or basic behaviour change. This package includes the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (360), the Individual Directions Inventory, and several follow-up coaching sessions.


Leadership Coaching – Level II
Designed for situations where the focus is on long-term sustainable change. This program is more intense including 3 way meetings with sponsor and employee, full assessments - LEA, IDI and/or onsite interviews, action planning and on-going coaching support. The goal is observable change in key job-relevant areas. The program is most applicable for individuals on an upward career trajectory or for those in the midst of a career change.


Leadership Coaching – Level III
Designed for situations where individuals are dealing with a difficult life event (loss, illness, divorce) while continuing in a leadership role. The goal of coaching is to provide support while developing practical strategies to manage difficult workplace interactions. It often includes gathering perspectives from key stakeholders and on site observation and feedback and may involve the use of assessments. Depending on needs, this program may be offered through Solacium or through Flow.


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